Maybe you've got a dedicated social team and need to get to the next level.

Maybe you're just starting out but want to handle your social presence yourself.

Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes or a leg up to begin, I can structure an in-person training that will give you an edge based off of the following core principles:

Sample Training Agenda

Day 1: Tracking and   Targeting AudienceS     

  • Your #SocialGoalsright audience, right message
  • Layered targetingdefining your core audience(s)
  • Leveraging your lists and other advanced tactics
  • Tracking userspixeling, retargeting, and more

Day 2: Analytics, Measurement, and Reporting

Data 2.jpg
  • Metrics 101: what matters to you
  • Navigating the back-end
  • Benchmarking performance by paid & organic
  • A/B Testinglearning what works
  • Anticipating paid results so you can plan

Day 3: Content       and Creative AudiT        

  • Creative review and content strategy
  • Defining your voice
  • Content mix: your approach to what you post
  • Looking ahead: planning your social presence

Interested in discussing an in-person training? Get in touch.