Your cause deserves the most advanced digital strategy to win hearts and minds, move constituencies, and amplify your message. 


You can’t be all things to all people – but you can give them the message most likely to motivate them to action. Using advanced social data and assets you already have but may not be leveraging effectively, I’ll create hyper-focused audiences so we can present your cause in its best light, every time. 

Content for A social world:

In an unstable media landscape, your message needs to be resonant to break through the noise. This is especially true with your traditional communications and press outreach. After advising hundreds of diverse clients, I know what works in today's social-driven media market. Appeal to the moveable middle and make your base your biggest proponent. In a democratized media market, the only limit is our creativity. 

     Grassroots Digital:          

Streamlined fundraising that encourages more and greater contributions. Email list engagement that spurs your supporters to spread the word. Event RSVPs that bring supporters from their smartphones to your door. Deploying the same tactics that cutting-edge brands use to succeed, I’ll build out a digital strategy to sell your cause and make digital platforms work for you

What I do...

I've worked with hundreds of brands and causes to develop messages that win across digital platforms (particularly social media) and in the press. I'll help you develop your message on digital, implement an effective paid strategy that advances your goals, and amplify the hard work you're already doing.

For more about me and my current work, check out my About page.

Who I’ve worked with…

Our work together...

Let's move the needle together as I support your organization on social media, across digital platforms, and in the press. Here's what I can provide:

  • Project-based work. You're planning an advanced campaign, scaling your social presence, or needing to connect your message with your digital fundraising. Let's talk.

  • Work on retainer. Need more sustained help? Let's advance your social presence over the long-haul.

  • In-person training. Help your entire social team advance. Get in touch to structure a training that works for you.

Get in touch for a flexible proposal based off of your needs.

The most advanced digital game-plan. Dynamic messaging for an unstable political landscape. 

Let’s win together.