Yes, you can make social work for your brand, achieve great results, and stay in the driver's seatHere’s my approach:

Right audience, right message:

The most sophisticated social data available combines with assets you already have, but may not be leveraging effectively. Targeting tools such as lookalike audiences bring new customers into the funnel. We'll show each user the message most likely to turn them into a customer. I know what content works on social after working with hundreds of brands, and I’ll help present your brand in its most appealing light, every time. 

Content that drives action:

eCommerce sales. Hotel bookings. App installs. Event RSVPs that bring customers from their smartphones to your door. With so many brand objectives and options, you need somebody on your team that knows which content drives the actions you care about. Engage your core users and bring new customers into the funnel, all while tracking and identifying which messages are most engaging. 

 Teach a client to fish:       

I take pride in simplifying concepts that can be daunting. My work isn’t just about audience engagement or revenue – I aim to give you a stronger understanding of the foundations of social marketing that drive your company’s growth. Top this off with informative, easy-to-digest reporting that gives you the high-level insights we can build on. I’m upfront, experienced, and I aim to over-deliver on expectations.

How can I help you?

Whether you’re a pixel pro or a social novice, I’m comfortable advising, building strategy, and executing on every step of planning and running a results-driven social advertising campaign. Here's what I can provide:

  • In-person training. Help your entire social team advance. Get in touch to structure a training that works for you.

  • Project-based work. You're planning an advanced campaign and need support. Let's talk.

  • Work on retainer. Need more sustained help? Let's advance your social presence over the long-haul.

Who I’ve worked with…

I've worked with a lot of happy clients. Get in touch for a flexible proposal based off of your needs

You know your brand.  I know social strategy.           

Let’s get together.