Hello, and thank you for being here!

My name is Albert Eisenberg, and I’m a Philadelphia-based digital marketer and communications specialist. I've worked with hundreds of causes and brands to create winning messages and reach new audiences. My passion is messaging complex ideas for today’s social-driven media landscape. I work with clients on messaging, branding, digital and traditional communications, and collaborate with a small team of experts for graphics and web support as needed.

Your message is important, and the work that I do empowers your supporters to advocate for you while winning hearts and minds. Together we can spur real action: pressure on a key legislator, increased fundraising, or a W on election day. 

I’ve served as the Communications Director for a major urban Republican party, built and executed a 50 State Senate-district digital campaign for a victims-advocacy organization, and lobbied in multiple states to bring Republicans onboard with LGBT causes. On the brand side, I’ve led campaign strategy for both the #1 gaming app on iTunes and for a global hotels group.

Is your cause or brand next?

Please reach out and let me know how I can help you and your cause or brand

Other work...

I try to use my voice to support causes I care about and speak out where I can.

Beyond my client work, I've been published on political issues by National ReviewTownHall.com, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Chicago TribuneFor more on my personal work, check out my Twitter

In my personal life, I try to live by and advance the values I care about: open dialogue (even for viewpoints I disagree with), preserving our country's place in the world, and building a more diverse GOP that appeals to all Americans!

And check me out on Tucker Carlson below -- I join at 2:15!